Teacher Stories

Teachers are passionate professionals in classrooms across Nova Scotia. We are on the frontlines of our education system, seeing the reality of student experiences.

We know parents are working hard to do their best for their families and kids. We want the opportunity to do the same. These are our stories. 

Wendie Poitras

“Teachers are part of what makes students successful. We’re helping to raise the next generation and build our future.” Wendie Poitras has one goal—to be a good role model. Growing up in Halifax’s north-end, Wendie wants her African-Nova Scotian students to have a teacher that represents them and their community. For her 15 years as an... Read More >

Ronnie Carew

“Teachers have to get to students. Not just talk to them, but get to them. Because they're our future.” After 25 years as a teacher in the Nova Scotia school system, Ronnie Carew has seen it all. From kids in the gym and classroom to a busy administration office, Ronnie knows just how much education has... Read More >

Colleen Scott

“Teachers try to be everything to every student—nurturer, coach, referee, clinician. We’re everything wrapped into one.” As a junior high teacher, Colleen spends her days helping others and sharing knowledge. Her focus on English Language Arts, Social Studies and Health is building the Nova Scotians of tomorrow. "We’re citizens of the province, we’re employed here... Read More >

Andrée Morin

“We spend a lot of time with the kids. They’re in school for six or seven hours a day. It’s a lot more than just education.” For Andrée Morin, a resource teacher with the French school board, working with students with learning disabilities and behaviour challenges is about so much more than teaching. “The emotional... Read More >

Stephanie George

“My ideal classroom is where I have time for everybody, and students have everything they need to learn.” Being the child of two teachers, Stephanie George doesn’t have to look far to find the root of her love for learning. Since becoming a teacher, Stephanie points to students as providing her with... Read More >

Paul Syme

“School reflects our society and we need to think about the education system more holistically. I think we can do it.” Paul Syme believes his commitment to connecting with his students fundamentally contributes to their growth as people. “I want to go into school every day knowing that I’m making the lives of the students better... Read More >

Angela Gillis

“The learning environment has changed a great deal. Students are vulnerable and often don't have the supports they need.” Elementary teacher Angela Gillis has taught every grade during the course of her 20 year teaching career, and the ability to make a lasting impact on a student’s outlook is what drew her... Read More >

Drew Moore

“Teachers don’t always see the fruits of our labour. It’s so rewarding to hear from our grown students, and see how you’ve made a difference.”  Inspired by his own teachers as a child, Drew has always wanted to be an educator. Thirteen years later, he is a language arts, social studies and French teacher in the East Hants school district. Teaching... Read More >

Priscilla Babin-Halsey

“A lot of things that are in my classroom come from me—my own finances, my own resources. It shouldn't just be up to me." Priscilla Babin-Halsey is a seasoned veteran of the education system and has had a passion for teaching since she was a child, leading multiple groups such as Girl Guides... Read More >

Brenda Newcombe

"I wanted to make a difference. To help people recognize their own abilities. I just wanted to be a teacher.’” A tenured teacher, and now elementary school principal, Brenda Newcombe has 29 years of experience working in the education profession. As an administrator, she sees the profound effect teachers have on children’s lives and understands the... Read More >

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