University Presidents attacking the collective bargaining rights of teachers

Feb 01, 2017

Teachers are concerned that the presidents of Acadia, Saint Francis Xavier, Mount Saint Vincent, Université Sainte Anne, and Cape Breton University are attacking their collective rights by suing the NSTU over legal job action, says NSTU President Liette Doucet. She says teachers spent thousands of dollars of their own and borrowed money to receive their Bachelor of Education degrees, and continue to spend money at these institutions for Master’s programs, and now feel betrayed

“The erosion of teachers' collective rights, and the reduced ability to negotiate fair contracts will only discourage students from pursuing a teaching career in this province,” says Doucet. “Given the attitudes of these university presidents, it should be no surprise that students are paying the second highest tuition in Canada and teachers are earning less than the national average when they enter the workforce.”

Doucet also thanked the Association of Nova Scotia University Teachers (ANSUT) for their statement of support.

“It means a lot to receive the support of university educators,” says Doucet. “It isn’t lost on NSTU members that the university presidents also colluded with Premier McNeil to take away the collective rights of university faculty, staff and students with Bill 100. Teachers are taking a stand to improve working conditions for teachers, both today and in the future. Meanwhile these university presidents are attacking the labour rights of all Nova Scotians.”

Doucet says the NSTU is currently reviewing any contracts it has with the five universities involved in the lawsuit. She is also concerned about the impact this move by university presidents has on the current long-standing student mentorship programs the NSTU has helped to create, develop and fund for BEd faculties across the province. 

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