Teachers taking a cautious approach with budget promises

Apr 27, 2017

NSTU President Liette Doucet says given the way teachers have been treated by the current government, it’s hard not being sceptical about the budget

“On paper, there were some positive things announced today. It’s clear the government is worried about its record on education and is trying to make the public forget about Bill 75 heading into an election,” says Doucet. “But given the speculation that an election call is imminent, I’ll reserve my judgement on this document until after it has been scrutinized in estimates and has been passed by the House of Assembly.”

Doucet says it’s unfortunate that the commitment that government is showing at the end of its mandate was not shown over the last four years.

“The Premier promised to make education better last election but has only made it worse. Teachers are taking a much more cautious approach this time around. The fact that $5 million was left unspent from the education budget last year only adds to the scepticism. More could have been done to help students and classrooms today, if that money was spent on schedule.” she adds. 

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