Teachers have lost trust in Premier, work-to-rule to resume on Monday

Jan 27, 2017

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union is resuming its work-to-rule job action on Monday following comments made by Stephen McNeil in the media yesterday.

“Again the Premier has demonstrated that he is incapable of bargaining in good faith,” says Doucet. “The Premier is already backing away from commitments made in the new tentative agreement. If the Premier is capable of misleading our members about two self-directed development days, then he is capable of misleading parents about the $20 million outlined in the deal to improve classroom conditions.”

Yesterday, the Premier indicated that teachers would not have the discretion to use two days outlined in the tentative agreement. This contradicted documents the NSTU received during the bargaining process.

“Teachers go into their classrooms every day in their vocation to create good citizens to have integrity and trust,” says Doucet. “Teachers don’t have faith in the Premier. They don’t trust him to do what’s in the best interest of our education system.”

“Teachers want government to make needed investments to improve classroom conditions, that’s why they are taking this stand. During work-to-rule, teachers will continue to go to work, prepared to do what’s best for children,” she adds.

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