Statement from Liette Doucet on Student Teachers

Jan 31, 2017

We understand the difficult situation student teachers are in right now as a result of Premier McNeil's comments from last week.

NTSU public school members are taking this stand to prevent the continued deterioration of learning conditions in our schools. The government needs to be willing to make long overdue investments. This will also improve workplace conditions for those in the profession today, and those entering in the future.

Currently our members do not trust the Premier to follow through on the $20 million investment to improve classroom conditions contained in the contract. That is why work-to-rule has resumed.

The erosion of teachers' collective rights, and the reduced ability to negotiate fair contracts, will only discourage many from pursuing a teaching career in this province. As it stands right now, NovaScotia teachers rank in the bottom half of Canada in terms of compensation, in spite of paying the second highest tuition rate in Canada.

While the Premier might not be concerned about the state of our schools and the impact of his decisions on the education system, teachers are. We are currently monitoring and reviewing our directives. We want to make sure the futures of our student teachers are not adversely impacted if this situation is not resolved.

We asked universities for their contingency plans in December, but as of yet have not received any.

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