NSTU will hold government accountable on classroom improvements

Mar 07, 2017

NSTU President Liette Doucet says teachers want to ensure the government is held accountable when it comes to improving classroom conditions.

She says while the NSTU has expressed concerns with the lack of transparency around the selection of the Council to Improve Classroom Conditions, she is confident the teachers and others selected will work hard on behalf of their colleagues and students.

“Our concern is not with our members, it is with the McNeil government,” says Doucet. “We continue to have questions about how this council will operate moving forward. Will the meetings be held in public? Will the meeting minutes be published? If a member disagrees with a decision of the council, will there be a mechanism to register a dissenting opinion?”

Doucet says the current government likes to set up committees, but has not produced when it comes to providing needed reforms to our education system. She says the recent decision to invest the $3.4 million in savings from the one-day strike into extra-curricular activities is one of many bad decisions this government has made.

“We need to provide greater support for students with special needs, we need to reduce class sizes, we don’t need to spend more money on trips and jerseys,” says Doucet. 

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