Minister Casey still not taking responsibility for classroom conditions

Mar 10, 2017

NSTU President Liette Doucet says it is clear from comments made yesterday by Educa- tion Minister Karen Casey that the McNeil government is still more interested in playing political games than improving classroom conditions.

The comments regarding extra-curricular activities were published by CBC earlier today.

“Teachers across Nova Scotia have been taking a stand for better education, and the government’s response has been to legislate away their collective rights and impose a contract,” says Doucet. “It’s unfortunate that Minister Casey hasn’t been willing to make needed reforms to improve classroom conditions for teachers and students.”

“Let me be clear. Teachers love their work and they love their students, what they don’t appreciate are the deteriorating working conditions they’ve experienced under the McNeil government. It is time Minster Casey stop pointing fingers, stop making petty comments in the media, and start taking responsibility for what’s happening in our schools.” 

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