McNeil government to legislate a contract on teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week

Feb 13, 2017

This week (February 12-18) is teacher appreciation week across Canada, and in Nova Scotia the McNeil government is celebrating by imposing a legislated contract on NSTU’s 9300 public school members.

“Teachers are already feeling devalued by the treatment they have received from this government. They are tired of being threatened with legislation that erodes their right to a fair collective bargaining process. They are upset about having their calls for urgent reforms in their classrooms ignored. For the last two years the Minister of Education has done nothing but try and divide teachers from their students and families and it has taken a toll.”

Starting today, in honour of Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week, the NSTU is asking its members to send messages to Premier McNeil and his government using social media and the hashtag #underappreciated.

“What should be a positive event has taken on a new meaning under this government. We are using this as an opportunity for teachers to speak out about the mistreatment they have endured under the government.”

Teacher/Staff Appreciation is organized each year by the Canadian Home and School Federation and its provincial counterparts including the Nova Scotia Federation of Home and School Associations. 

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