Government must not prevent teachers from speaking at Law Amendments

Feb 12, 2017

“When Bill 148 was rushed through the legislature, the government made it impossible for teachers to participate by holding committee meetings during school hours, and then ending the process with people still waiting to speak,” says Doucet. “This bill will directly impact every classroom in our province. The teachers who are having their rights taken away deserve the chance to look their elected officials in the eye and speak their mind.

Telling them to email their comments isn’t good enough. It’s the people’s house and members of the public should not be discouraged from taking part.”

Doucet says with a blizzard predicted to dump up to 60 cm of snow in HRM and other regions of the province between today and Tuesday, the legislature needs to accommodate the public.

“We have members who live in rural communities who may wish to speak and they shouldn’t be forced to risk their safety. Our members also teach during the day, so they need to be given an opportunity to present outside school hours,” says Doucet.

Doucet adds, “Ultimately, if the Premier wants to use his majority to pass a bill restricting the collective rights of teachers, he should at least have the patience and the courtesy to allow NSTU members to have their say. This is not an emergency. Teachers have been in their classrooms focused on instructing their students since work-to-rule began.” 

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