Exam exemptions

Jan 09, 2017

Exam exemptions permitted under NSTU work-to-rule guidelines

Teachers continue to keep track of attendance and record grades during work-to-rule and are able to provide high school exam exemptions says NSTU President Liette Doucet.

“Teachers have maintained the appropriate records by hand and certainly possess the necessary judgement,” says Doucet. “They are not imputing data into PowerSchool during work-to-rule, but that didn’t prevent exemptions from being granted just a few short years ago, and it shouldn’t now.”

Doucet said contrary to some statements made in the media recently, exemption policies are set by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the school boards, not the NSTU or “individual schools.”

“There are a lot of rumours circulating, so it’s important the department and the school boards provide some clarity,” says Doucet “The Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Superintendents are fully aware of the work-to-rule directives, and they have been for over a month. They have had the required time to ensure those policies respect work-to-rule guidelines so that students can be accommodated during this legal job action.”

She adds, “Teachers are taking this stand to improve classroom conditions and to protect their right to negotiate a fair contract. During this period they are only focusing on student instruction and that includes preparing, administering and marking tests and exams. That being said we can’t speak for any decisions being made at the department or board level.” 

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