A sad day for Nova Scotia’s Education system

Feb 14, 2017

NSTU President Liette Doucet says the McNeil government has shortchanged teachers and students while damaging Nova Scotia’s education system with legislation introduced today.

“This is devastating news for teachers, students and families who have been fighting for better classroom conditions and a healthier learning environment in our schools,” says Doucet. “All Stephen McNeil did today was take away wages from teachers and pocket the money for his own political purposes. He didn’t invest a single extra cent in classrooms from the previous tentative agreement, in fact, he cut funding that would have improved the working conditions of our members.”

She adds, “The McNeil government even eroded the strength of the Partnership On Systemic Working Conditions by eliminating the arbitrator. There is now no mechanism to guarantee the money included in the deal for classrooms is ever spent. If past history is any indicator, this will just become another one of Karen Casey’s many educational charades. All talk, no action.”

Doucet says as long as Stephen McNeil is Premier, our education system is in jeopardy.

“The toxic environment Stephen McNeil and Karen Casey have created in our education system will have long-lasting consequences. Teachers are tired of the threats, they are tired of the games, and they are prepared to fight this legislation.” 

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